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We are currently working on briefings about:

  • The National Planning Framework (and its links to the Scottish model)
  • Rebuilding Ireland: The Action Plan for Housing
  • Lifelong living at the heart of a caring local government system
  • Local Government Strategic planning in times of austerity
  • Culture as a catalyst for innovation and growth in a rural local authority
  • Making local government efficient and effective
  • Securing Ireland: Emergency Management in an unstable world environment

LGiU Ireland policy briefings contributors include:

  • John Martin
  • Andy Cullen
  • Jack Keyes
  • Pat McLoughlin
  • Des Page

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Tackling Rough Sleeping In England

September 13, 2018

Summary The British government has promised to end rough sleeping in England by 2027. By the end of the current Parliament in 2022, the number of rough sleepers should have halved from its current level of just under 5,000. The rough sleeping strategy, published in August, describes how the UK…

European countries responses to housing need

September 6, 2018

Summary LGiU Ireland has covered the current housing challenges in Ireland over the past 18 months and it is fair to suggest that at times it seems as if the delivery of housing is a challenge particular to Ireland. In fact, this is not the case. Housing generally across the…

Finding Tourism Taxing?

August 31, 2018

There are many arguments for and against introducing a transient visitor levy as a way of generating revenue for local authorities. This briefing will help you understand different dimensions to the discussion.

Greenways to prosperity and rural renewal

August 28, 2018

Greenways are playing an increasing and vital role in the regeneration of rural areas as well as contributing to better health and well-being. This briefing examines the proposals set out in the strategic plan for greenways published in July.

Swift Read: Dog fouling – a blight on the pavement

August 23, 2018

Dog mess is one of the most common causes of complaints to local councils. What innovative solutions are out there that councils, both in the UK and in Ireland, are using? This Swift Read outlines ways of tackling dog fouling using examples of different solutions used by various local authorities.

Men’s Sheds – a safe haven

August 16, 2018

Men’s Sheds offer a community space for older (usually retired) men to work on projects, make new friends and get out of the house. This Swift Read outlines some case studies of the Men’s Sheds movement across Ireland and Scotland, and their associated benefits.

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