Severe weather: building climate resilient communities

January 17, 2019

As the effects of climate change become more obvious across the world, this is a crucial time for building climate resilience across society. This briefing considers the events of winter 2017/18 and outlines how local authorities across Europe can help to build more climate resilient communities.

Planning 2020: The Raynsford Review of Planning in England

January 10, 2019

The recently published Raynsford review final report on planning concludes with a wide range of recommendations to improve the planning system in England, including criticism of permitted development, shared by many others in British local government.

2018 Housing Review: A Modest Proposal

January 8, 2019

In this end of year housing review we take the opportunity to look at some of the developments in housing in Ireland over 2018 and reflect on some priorities for the immediate future.

Local Authority Rates Collection 2013-2014

January 3, 2019

This briefing examines NOAC’s first national report on local authority rates collection performance for the years 2013 to 2014. NOAC decided to carry out an analysis on local authorities with weak collection rates and high arrears, and we examine NOAC's comments here.

Oireachtas Review: November 2018

December 18, 2018

Water, abortion, broadband and local government were the main issues before the Oireachtas in November as the budget continued its way through the legislative process. This briefing outlines these bills and their outcomes.

How well are councils in Scotland performing?

December 13, 2018

Summary In recent months LGiU Ireland has covered issues arising from the National Oversight and Audit Commission reports on local government performance in Ireland. Our near neighbours in Scotland have similar oversight provided by the Accounts Commission, and its annual Financial overview of local government in Scotland was published at the end…

Housing Review: November 2018

December 11, 2018

In this month's housing briefing we step back a little, and look at some of the ideas emerging from some recent housing conferences.

A new local electoral landscape in 2019 – what does it mean?

December 4, 2018

Summary The local elections in mid-2019 will be far more competitive than the presidential election and an opportunity to redress the apathy evidenced by a record low turnout of under 44% at the recent poll. All parties will be keen to establish a strong platform for the next general election.…