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Swift Read: An overview of how local government in Scotland is funded

20 Mar 2019 in Briefings

The Scottish Parliament Information Centre (SPICe) have recently published a very helpful briefing paper on local government finance in Scotland. This swift read provides an overview of the SPICe briefing, and is aimed to give Irish officers and councillors a better idea of how the funding system works in Scotland.

Swift Read: Ireland’s Planning Regulator

19 Mar 2019 in Briefings

The 2012 Report of the Mahon Tribunal recommended that the Minister of the Environment’s enforcement powers should be transferred to an Independent Planning Regulator, who would also be charged with carrying out investigations into systemic problems in the Irish planning system as well as educational and research functions.

AILG 2019 Training Conference

14 Mar 2019 in Briefings

LGiU Ireland went along to Longford for the Association of Irish Local Government’s 2019 training conference. Here’s a brief summary of what was discussed during the packed two-day event.

EU Regional Policy: Impacts for Local Government

5 Mar 2019 in Briefings

The future of Europe and the policy engines that will drive it are being widely debated all across the EU. This briefing looks at this evolving debate across the EU, the context for Ireland, rise of Invest EU and explore why local government should continue to influence its outcome.

Oireachtas Review: January 2019

28 Feb 2019 in Briefings

Brexit, the costs of the new children’s hospital and the Nurse’s strike dominated Oireachtas proceedings in January. Legislation included the Local Government Rates Bill, Judicial Appointments Bill and No Consent, No Sale Bill.

Reflections on housing policy challenges

19 Feb 2019 in Briefings

Ensuring availability and affordability of housing, to rent or buy, and market stability, poses major policy challenges for 2019 and beyond, with no easy answers and few risk-free options. This briefing covers the past, present and future of the current housing crisis and what we can do.

Metro Mayor Precept – Value for Money?

14 Feb 2019 in Briefings

With the recent announcements to advance the plebiscites for executive mayors in Cork, Limerick and Waterford, LGiU Ireland looks at one of the most interesting dynamics arising from appointment of Metro Mayors in the UK.

Housing Review: January 2019

12 Feb 2019 in Briefings

The latest instalment of our monthly housing updates includes housing for older people, reports released, facts and figures and housing news.